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Spanish Interoperability Framework,
a consultancy by OPENTIA

Press release, Madrid January 29th, 2010 .--

Telefónica SolucionesMinisterio de Administraciones PúblicasOPENTIA, contracted by Telefónica, has coached to the Ministry of Public Administrations (now, "Presidency") during the whole creation process of the Spanish Interoperability Framework (Esquema Nacional de Interoperabilidad, ENI), as so in its relation with the Spanish Security Framework (Esquema Nacional de Seguridad, ENS). Both constitute the main legal texts that develop, from a technological point of view, the Spanish Law 11/2007 of Electronic Administration.


About the Spanish Interoperability Framework and OPENTIA

During more than two years, the main consultants of OPENTIA have actively participated in the creation of what could be named the greatest work of public interoperability ever made in Spain: the Spanish Interoperability Framework and its belonging technical and administrative development.

BOE, Spanish National Bulletin (Boletín Oficial del Estado)The Royal Decree 4/2010, of January 8th, that regulates the Spanish Interoperability Framework in the field of the Electronic Administration and the Royal Decree 3/2010, of January 8th, that regulates the Spanish Security Framework have both been published in the Spanish Official Bulletin at January 29th, 2010. According to the Law 11/2007, both Frameworks wholly regulate all the technological matters that the Spanish Public Sector has to take into account in order to interoperate between parts of such Sector and, mainly, with the citizens and the private sector.

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